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TOM FORD BEAUTY Social Media Training

04 / September / 2019

Our Eimear McManus had the privilege of hosting the first TOM FORD Travel Beauty Social Media Training in Florence alongside one of the best Luxury Sales trainers in the world, Penny Blake. Our team at DW spent two month preparing the document for the training and we are delighted to say that it was a […]

Official Partner of the European Food & Drink Business Conference

30 / July / 2019

We are delighted to be the Digital Partner for the European Food & Drink Business Conference in Dublin on the 5th September. Also, our Director, Eimear McManus, will be giving a talk on ‘Social Media Marketing in the Food & Drink’ industry during the conference on the 5th. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates […]

London & Partners Business Growth Programme

21 / June / 2019

We are delighted to have been invited on to the London & Partners Business Growth Programme. We will be joining the Summer Cohort where, for the next three months, we will receive mentorship and growth support to help us expand successfully. We’re joining the ‘Creative Industries’ cohort with twenty four other London-based companies. It’s a […]

Client Spotlight: Swoop wins £5 Million!

19 / June / 2019

We couldn’t be happier for our amazing client, Swoop, who won £5million in funding from RBS last week. We know how hard they’ve worked to develop their platform and this award will allow them to support many more SME’s when it comes to tackling the future funding landscape.   Swoop, simplifies and speeds up your […]

Client Spotlight: Virginia Harvest’s Compostable Packaging

22 / May / 2019

We are delighted to share that our client, Virginia Harvest, have launched their compostable packaging range. Instead of being made from oil-based polymers, the Virginia Harvest packaging material is now made from wood pulp. The empty pack breaks down naturally in the environment with the help of water, oxygen and soil bacteria, returning nutrients back […]

Client Spotlight: John Stapleton

14 / May / 2019

We have been working with John Stapleton to help him increase his digital footprint on social media (check out his Twitter and Linkedin accounts). Our work involves sharing his story of growing & selling successful FMCG businesses, New Covent Garden Soup and Little Dish. Based on John’s 30 years experience creating, growing and scaling 3 […]

Goldwell UK Master Class 2019

16 / February / 2019

After the success of last year’s HUB Network presentation in Dubrovnik, Croatia, our Eimear McManus is working with Goldwell Hair Company. A series of master classes will be run for the company’s customers across the U.K. Goldwell UK Master Class 2019 will be a great opportunity to develop Yourselves. Eimear will be running digital marketing […]

Swoop Wins Nesta’s Open Up Challenge

09 / December / 2018

Ahh, Christmas is almost upon us and we can smell the mulled wine brewing! It’s been a busy couple of months in the world of social media for team DW and this month we want to shout out one of our amazing clients, Swoop Funding! Swoop, is the one-stop money shop for businesses. They speed […]

5 tips to help you reduce your screen time

10 / October / 2018

We know this is a little ironic coming from a digital agency, but at Digital Works, we understand the importance of prioritizing our mental health. Whether we like it or not, there is a strong link between the amount of time we spend on our phones and the negative impacts on our mental health. Did […]

5 pro social media tips

08 / October / 2018

Fancy yourself as a content king or queen? Check out some of DW HQ’s best social media tips – you’ll be sharing quality content in no time! Plan ahead Sit down with your team and put your plan on paper. Use an editorial calendar to schedule when and where you’ll publish your content and have […]

The 8 Best Things to Come from Social Media

27 / September / 2018

We’ve all had the social media debate at one point or another, and while I do agree we should limit the time we spend scrolling through our news feeds. I really believe social media has done a lot for us, particularly over the past few years.  Here i listed 8 Best Things to Come from […]

How successful brands build trust

07 / September / 2018

“Why haven’t they replied?! I tweeted them nine hours ago and nothing! Awful service, won’t be buying from them again”. Sound familiar? As a 25 year-old, or “millennial”, as I’m often referred to as, I’ve been told that as a group, we expect things instantaneously. If we don’t receive a pretty much immediate response, we […]

Why you should use a Facebook pixel

05 / July / 2018

For those of you who are new to this, a Facebook pixel is simply a code put on your website. It encourages you to track conversions from Facebook ads, streamline ads depending on the gathered information. Also helps to build specific target audiences for future ads, and provide a re-market to qualified leads. It works […]

Benefits of Video Content for Marketing

20 / October / 2017

As we all know, video content is becoming more and more popular by the day. The surge in its popularity owes to the fact that it can prove itself to be an effective tool when it comes to attracting the attention of the audience. According to the predictions made by Cisco Systems, a multinational technology […]

5 Tools to create engaging social media content

10 / October / 2017

As marketers, we are always looking for new ways to create content quickly and more efficiently. And the quicker we make the content, the more time we can spend on the content marketing. Below you will find a list of tools that might make your social media content creation more efficient and thus, improve your […]

Five Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs

03 / October / 2017

Read this post to learn about the top 5 apps every small business owner needs to download onto your smartphone as soon as possible! Trello Trello is one of the easiest project management tools out there. It helps you and your team manage tasks and collaborate work projects in an easy and efficient way. Trello […]

Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

23 / September / 2017

Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to improve in every aspect of their lives and many of them have turned to podcasts as sources of education and inspiration. Check out Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs here. If you want to make your commute or lunch break more productive then have a read of the below. Pick a podcast […]

Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts

16 / September / 2017

In today’s post we’ll be sharing our 5 favourite Instagram accounts that have feeds so aesthetically pleasing they’ll have you scrolling for hours… Instagram has quickly turned into a top social media site. Right, let’s get into it! 1: @Mosseryco Because they are the “makers of thoughtful stationeries” and share images of beautiful notepads and […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

08 / September / 2017

Social media helps to boost your visibility among potential customers and reach to a wider audience. Find out below why Your Business Needs Social Media. 1. Social media for business costs less than traditional marketing: “If you’re looking for a type of marketing that’s able to reach the most people for the lowest cost you […]

Top 3 Social Media Campaigns of 2017

16 / August / 2017

That’s the beauty of social media; it’s fast acting and ever changing. And the brands that can captivate an audience, win. Speaking of captivation, below you’ll find a list of our Top 3 Social Media Campaigns of 2017 (so far) that have enraptured audiences near. And far thus, increased brand awareness and grew their communities. […]