John Stapleton Event Photography: Lunch! at the Excel London

16 / April / 2020

It’s lots of fun working with renowned entrepreneur John Stapleton and often we have the pleasure of joining him at an event to capture content and meet the people and businesses he is investing in.

HeliPaddy Sales Brochure

15 / April / 2020

We designed a sales brochure for a luxury event that the awesome HeliPaddy team were attending.

River Medical Team Headshots

13 / April / 2020

Little glimpse into one of our photoshoots at River Medical Cosmetics Clinic, Dublin.

Tap House Nottingham Branding

12 / April / 2020

How we brought Nottingham’s first serve serve beer and pizza bar to life. The Tap House.

River Medical Clinic Photography

11 / April / 2020

A sneak peek into Ireland’s leading cosmetics clinic, River Medical, who we’ve been working with for over a year.

Swoop Funding Team Headshots

16 / March / 2020

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the inspiring (and really fun) Swoop Funding team since day one and what an incredible company they’ve become. Whilst we manage all of their social media we also pop into their London office to snap pictures every now a then. Here’s a glimpse at some recent headshots we … Continue reading Swoop Funding Team Headshots

Axis Corporate: Fintech Campaign

15 / March / 2020

We helped Axis Corporate target their demographic on LinkedIn with a microsite.

Campaign: Speak With Your Feet Limerick

21 / November / 2019

How we helped get 4,000 on on the streets of Limerick with a seven day campaign. Speak with your feet.

Branding: Lampify

14 / April / 2019

How we created the branding for online furniture platform, Lampify. Coming to a home near you.